Exclusion Scheme
The Exclusion Scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to deter people involved in retail theft, violence, anti-social behaviour and nuisance that affects business in and around Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

There is a presumed invitation by the owners or managers of shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants to members of the public to enter their premises. An exclusion notice withdraws that invitation.

The issue of an exclusion notice concerns a private civil right and does not concern an excluded person's civil rights because the excluded person has no civil right to enter and remain in any business. A full explanation can be found in our Exclusion Policy below.

Some businesses already operate similar notices, but only in relation to their own premises. However members of the Tunbridge Wells Safe Town Partnership, whether that is through SafeTown or Pubwatch, have confirmed their involvement in the scheme and have signed the relevant partnership protocols and agreements, which allows for a person who has committed an offence, caused nuisance or engaged in anti-social behaviour effecting one member, to be excluded from all members.

The Exclusion Policy can be found here.